"Ruby the Boston Terrier Faery"
By Sarah J. Arruda
Faery Haven Original Sculptures

This auction is for Ruby, a pampered little faery pooch.  Did you ever wonder why there were faeries that resembled humans, but no faery pets that resembled human pets?  Well, they do exist, it's just that humans  do not often lay eyes on them.  They're too fast!  Ruby is a Boston Terrier Faery, with lovely ruby red wings and a jeweled collar and pillow to match!

Ruby is completely hand sculpted from polymer clay, no molds of any kind were used in her creation.  She was then painted and sealed.  She has deep brown eyes and specks of brindle throughout her coat.  Her wings are made from a flexible polyer clay over a wire armature.  Ruby comes with her own hand made red velvet pillow.

NOTE:  Ruby is very special, she is the first dog faery I have created!  I am starting a new line of animal faeries, so she is #1 in this new line!

Faery Haven Info: Artist Sarah Arruda sculpts wonderfully whimsical creatures from the depths of her imagination. All creations from Faery Haven are one of a kind, and never made with the use of molds. Each whimsical character is beautifully unique, each displaying a different look and personality. Most sculptures, with the exception of baby sculptures are created with wire armatures for support and for a more realistic feel. Costuming is always done by the hands of the artist, as well as the painted features, and the dying of the hair.

Shipping:  Buyer pays $8 for shipping and insurance. I will ship through USPS unless the buyer prefers another method.  However, if the buyers chooses another method, they will have to make up the difference in shipping costs.

Payment:  Paypal is preferred, but I also accept money orders.

Ruby comes with her own certificate of authenticity which contains a color photo of  her, her number of creation, and the artist's signature.

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